Crazy weekend

Hey lilies,
Guess y’all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was just too busy,I was in ICAN class all through the weekend(btw I am a Chartered Accountant work-in-progress).I seriouly can’t wait to finish this diet exams and get my groove back,atleast for a while.But notwithstanding,I gave my self a break on Saturday.

I went to grab lunch at KFC,Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall,Surulere. I have always noticed one thing,anytime I step inside that mall,trust me I am always carried away, infact many at times,I would have forgotten that I am in ‘lere’ oh(lere is a short form of Surulere).

I enjoyed my little stay there,and I took some pictures and I did some window shopping as well. The pictures are tagged below.

I was wearing…Top-new look, Leggings-Atmosphere, Sandal- montego bay

Y’all shouldd have a great week ahead…xoxo


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