LBD-Little Black Dress

Hey buddies,

What’s good? I am sure non is a novice to the LBD. I just want share my take on it. So legggooo!

This style was introduced by Coco Chanel in 1920. It is a piece every stylish lady must have in her wardrobe. It can be worn just about everywhere and ladies,please when making an order or buying your LBD,the thumb rule is to buy one that’s going to last you for sometime and I can bet that is why its called “little black dress” and not “little mustard or burgundy dress”…lol because a lady can get the most wear out of versatile black more than any other colour .

LBD can be combined with other garments and it is accessory friendly. Again,one thing I have noticed about the pretty,exotic LBD is its simplicity. Buddies,let’s keep it simple. The beauty of LBD is in its unabashed minimalism.

OK…let’s see how to rock a LBD

For a formal wear
For a day time look, it can be worn on a pussy bow tie blouse,a crisp white shirt or a slim fitting turtle neck. A court shoe will go on this as well.

For a night on the town look
Wear LBD on its own with sexy stilletos ,dangling earrings and small clutch.

For a cashual date or a Friday cashual wear
Layering gives a whole new life to your dress. Turn an LBD from boring to fun by layering it with a bright turtleneck top. Please and please,make sure you keep your top fitted oh,so u won’t have this sloppy look.”Combo” it with skinny,tappered pants and pumps.

I have got quite some pictures tagged to this post as well. I have a picture of myself too,but it was just not too cool as a full portrait was not taken,so bear with me because my shoe was hidden in the pic,*wink*.

I was wearing an ASOS LBD I got @ Bion Boutique,Ikeja and my shoe was a shimmering gold stilletos by Bakers.

And if you,want to share how well we all can ‘rock’ LBD,please bring it on and let’s share your style.



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