Sugar free,yippee!!!

Hey buddies,

Guess your week is going on as planned. Mine is quite not bad.

Yeah,I am sugar free and trust me,I can’t believe I can do without sugar,but its been a month,and my sugar cravings as reduced to the bearest minimum. It wasn’t easy at first, because I have got this terrible sweet tooth. But with determination and positive mind set ,I was able to conquer the almighty sugar.

Anyways,I found an alternative and that is honey. I have read a whole lot about honey and I think it is the best alternative to refined sugar. I do hope I can keep this up.

Are you sugar free? Share your story.

Do have a blissful day…xoxo

*sugar being referred to here is the refined sugar,which is also called table sugar.


2 thoughts on “Sugar free,yippee!!!

  1. Babes…This pic makes me look sooo artificial…Too much powder*shocked face!!*…I think it’s hightime, I opened a blog too..Cheers mate..xx

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