Hey luvlies,
Hair care is an essential trend every lady should embrace and there are a lot of tools and accessories from which you can choose from, but the big question is,which one is the best for your hair?. This has been something I have been longing to share and I think its high time I did justice to that. From the pictures tagged above ,I will highlight the efficiency and use of these items as they have been arranged respectively…

1. Wide Tooth Comb
Most of us are used to tail combs which is useful for creating nice and neat parts on your hair but trust me wide-tooth combs are what our black coarse hair need for working through tangles. This is an essential tool for those with natural hair.

2.Soft Bristle Brush
No matter the texture of your hair,soft bristle brush are better for applying natural oils and product through it. Try to choose boar bristle brushes over hard plastic bristles.

3. Silk or Satin Hair Cover
This is ideal for night time use. The silk or satin cap/ bonnet hair cover goes a long way towards retaining moisture in your hair. Better still,we can make our pillowcases in satin or silk as this protects the tips of the hair from frizzing out.

4. Elastic Hair Accessories
When you want to pull your hair back into a ponytail or bun,use elastic that have no metal part(I am sure you all know the elastic I am referring to huh),that catch,pull and break off your hair.

5.No Teeth Head bands Please
Please lovelies,leave those hard plastic headbands with “teeth” on your dressing table. There are huge variety of headbands available today,you can find elastic or soft cloth,these ones are going to be gentle on your hair.

6.Hair Clips
You can use these when working on your hair in sections. The plastic clips hold the damp or dry hair you are not currently styling out of the way until you are ready for it.

7.Cheap Plastic Cap
This is nice most especially when you want deep condition your hair. The plastic cap helps to hold in moisture and retain heat to make the most of the treatment. You can pick as many as you want,they are very affordable.

8.Snag-free Rubber Bands
Try as much as possible not to use the snag rubber bands.They are bad for the black hair. You can try the cheap snag-free bands.

9. Hair Stick/Plastic Hair pins
Well some prefer bobby pins because they come in handy but I usually have issues with it,it doesn’t hold my thick and full hair. So I prefer the plastic hair pin as it works well for holding up thick and/or long hair.

10. Your Fingers,yes your fingers…lol
It is a great tool to use on your hair and the best part is that it is free!!!.Before you reach for your comb and brush,use your fingers to gently work through tangles. This is good especially for ladies with natural hair.

So that’s it for now,many more tips coming soon. Stay pretty and TGIF!!!…can’t wait to be out of this office,Friday night calling. Enjoy your weekend…xoxo


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