put iup  a veyk

put iup a veyk

Hey dearies,

Top of the day to you all.

Here is just a quick post on how to make a messy bun..hope,this is helpful.

1. Lightly dampen hair by spritzing with a spray of water or by smoothing down hair with wet hand or comb(I did a post on the type of comb that best suits the black hair,you can refer to the post).See picture 1 below.

2. Using a hairbrush,smooth hair back gently. See picture 2 below.

3. Make a ponytail by securing it with elastic(refer to me recent post for the type of elastic to use).Position the ponytail where you want the bun be or sit. See picture 3 below.

4.Using a wide-tooth comb or brush,smooth all loose hairs of the ponytail in order to make a neater bun. See picture 4 below.

5. Twist the ponytail into a tight rope. See picture 4 below.

6.Wrap hair rope tightly around the pony tail base,twisting more as needed. Tuck the ends of the hair rope into the pony tail base. See picture 6 below.

7. Tuck the ends of the hair rope into the ponytail base. See picture 7

8. Use several hair pins to hold the pin. Thick or long hair will require several pins for a secure bun. See picture 8.

9.Spray the bun. See picture 9

10. Here you go,your messy bun is ready. See picture 10.

I would have loved to try it,but I have got a short hair,but you ladies with long hair or with a weave,can give it a try.

Leave a comment,I love seeing your thoughts. Xoxo…


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