Hi hunnies,

This is just a beauty scoop,its a regime I have embraced and it is really working for me.

Please before you go outside,make sure you apply SUNSCREEN,oh yeah,I have to emphasize that. About 80% of adults don’t use sunscreen regularly. In a recent study,it was found out that, people who received daily reminders were almost twice as likely to slather on SPF as those who weren’t prompted,reports the Archives of Dermatology.

To avoid forgetting to apply this wrinkle and cancer fighter,make it part of your daily routine. Apply moisturiser with SPF 30 every morning after you wash your face. I have got quite a lot,I use neutrogena Visibly even SPF 30, Clarins sunscreen soothing cream SPF20,AVON sunscreen SPF15.

So put SPF on your to-do list and remember to include it on your list whenever you are going shopping at your selected beauty store.

Stay pretty,


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