Hey buddies,

How is your easter break going? It is time for another fashion face-off and this is betwen Kim K and Molly Sims,who wore the same leopard print silk minidress from A.L.C. The only question is ,who wore it better?

Kim wore the dress and cinched it at the waist with a a wide,black belt and added a long gold earrings to set of her ponytail and completed the look with her black wedges.

Molly layered the creation over a black pants and boot but opted for a thinner belt,shimmering cluctch and a down do.

The dress looks pretty and trendy on both ladies but the question is ,who wore it better? Kim is a no no for me,I don’t dig those wedges,why would she pair them with the sophisticated look from ImageImageneck up??? I will go with Molly on this one,she looks toned down with the dress than Kim.She is looks stylish and comfy in the dress. For me,Molly won!

Am I wrong with Molly? Your thoughts are most welcome…





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