Avocado pear, honey,sugar,olive oil,spoon and bowl.

Hey sweets,

How did your weekend go? Mine was hectic,busy with lectures. My exam is in May,I seriously,cant wait for it to come and go.

I am sorry,natural saturday post didnt come up last week,I guess I was carried away with the Easter celebration.

So its another Saturday,and its time to feed my face with some yummy goodies. So my facial scrub was oatmeal+olive oil+water. I mixed these to form a paste,then I applied it on my face and exfoliated in circle all over my face. I did this for ten minutes and then I rinsed it off.

I then prepered my mask,which is made up of mashed avocado+honey+sugar. I applied it on my face and it sat there for twenty minutes,I rinsed my face thereafter.

Avocado is a good source of collagen. Collagen is an agent which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity,hence it aids in keeping the skin young and supple.

That is all folks. I hope you can try this at home some weekend.



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